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Strategies On How To Effectively Improve Your House

Home improvement can do a lot for your house. You can get a better living environment and get more out of your home if you decide to sell it. A surprising number of home improvement projects are within your grasp, even if you have limited tools or expertise. Here are a few tips for getting great home improvement results.

Use old shoe boxes to add some storage to your home. Take some left over wallpaper or fabric in various prints and cover your shoe boxes in a pleasing design. This is an excellent way to add storage and drama to any room.

Sometimes a small room can seem very gloomy, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Just let a little sunshine in! Open blinds, tie back curtains and clean the glass thoroughly. Natural lighting can add so much to a room; even seeming to increase the size. Keep clutter to a minimum and stick with light, subdued paint colors. Suddenly, your little room will not seem cramped.

Before agreeing to have your handyman perform work, be sure to set the terms out on paper. By having something in writing, you will be protected from extra charges and unfinished work. If you don’t have one, you may spend a lot more than you intended or not get the work that you were expecting.

Replacing a roof is one of the most expensive projects a homeowner can do. Solicit price quotes from no less than three contractors and make sure you have verified their references. Tile, metal and wood shake are some options for roofing materials you can decide on. If you are not sure about these differences, you can also ask them to explain them to you so that you can make an informed decision.

When you prepare and use effective tips like these, it’s easier to avoid the hassles and unexpected costs that can happen with poorly planned home improvement projects. Pick up a hammer with confidence and get started on your own home improvement project today!

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Treat Your Home Right With These Home Improvement Tips

Do you long to feel comfortable when it comes to making your own home improvements? Perhaps you want to save a few bucks, or you simply want to retain full control of the work done in your house. Regardless, the following advice will help you.

Do not allow contractors to start the work prior to signing a contract. The best idea is to have the contract evaluated by your lawyer. Start and end dates, work to be done and warranty information must be stated in the contract.

Adding texture to your walls with drywall mud can create some visual variety to your walls and even hide some of those common wall blemishes. It is easy to texture. Apply the mud to the wall and use a sponge, brush or bag to dab the mud to add texture.

Use aluminum foil to cover electrical outlets prior to painting. It’s easier to use aluminum foil, and it protects the outlets. That makes cleanup much easier. Just make sure the paint is dry before removing the foil.

Plastic 2-liter bottles are an excellent kitchen storage option. Dry goods like flour, sugar and corn meal will hold up well in these. You can keep them in the freezer, on your shelf or in the refrigerator. When you need something all you need to do is take the lid off and pour.

You should make a list of everything you need before heading out to a home improvement store. When you know exactly what you need, you’ll never forget anything.

One or two bold accent pieces can help bring out the best in any room. Try adding leopard or zebra print to your living room in the form of an accessory such as a small area rug, chair cushion, wall art or decorative pillow.

This advice will assist you in remodeling, replacing old items, or doing other repairs. You can easily improve your skills and learn how to perform plenty of different repairs to turn your home into the place you have always dreamed of.

Source: 21sthomeimprovement

Health Care Leader Celebrates Rapid Growth with Dedication of New Headquarters

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (PRWEB) April 22, 2015

American Family Care (AFC), one of the world’s leading providers of urgent care and family care, celebrates its rapid growth with a building dedication ceremony at its new headquarters in Birmingham. Starting with a single location in Hoover, Alabama in 1982, American Family Care has pioneered the concept of non-emergency room urgent care. Today, with more than 140 clinics and 500 physicians, the company is on track to care for more than 2 million patients this year.

In the course of its rapid growth, AFC has become one of the Southeast’s greatest entrepreneurial success stories – creating about 1,000 Alabama-based jobs, including more than 500 that have been added since the 2008 recession. Local government officials and other dignitaries will help celebrate the company’s building dedication on Thursday, April 23 at 3700 Cahaba Beach Road in Birmingham.

“Our success is the result of the hard work and dedication of our employees and franchisees who work tirelessly to bring kind, compassionate health care to Birmingham and the nation,” said D. Bruce Irwin, M.D., founder and CEO of American Family Care. “We are thrilled, yet humbled, by our growth as we continue to pursue our mission to provide the best health care possible, in a kind and caring environment, while respecting the rights of all patients, in an economical manner, at times and locations convenient to the patient.”

Humble beginnings to homegrown hero: Birmingham’s very own health care pioneer

Born the son of a cobbler in Center Point, Alabama, Dr. Irwin earned an undergraduate degree from Birmingham-Southern College and graduated from the School of Medicine at University of Alabama at Birmingham. While working in the emergency room of Brookwood Medical Center, he discovered that some non-critical emergencies were clogging up the waiting rooms. Despite his lack of education and experience in business, Dr. Irwin sketched a business plan for a network of urgent care clinics on a notepad.

“American Family Care is an innovator in its field and we are proud the company calls Birmingham home,” said Brian Hilson, president and CEO of the Birmingham Business Alliance. “Birmingham is a breeding ground for innovation in health care because our community has a long history tied to the medical industry. American Family Care’s great success serves as an indicator of Birmingham’s continued success and the entrepreneurial spirt that can be found here.”

American Family Care New Headquarters Dedication Ceremony

Who: Local government officials, local dignitaries, and several patients, whose health has dramatically improved and/or lives have been saved by American Family Care – Birmingham’s homegrown health care leader for urgent care and family care.

What: Building dedication ceremony

When: Thursday, April 23 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Media Contacts:

Stacey Hilton shilton(at)919marketing(dot)com 919.459.8163

Sue Yannello syannello(at)919marketing(dot)com 919.459.8162


About American Family Care:

Starting with a single location in Hoover, Alabama in 1982, American Family Care has pioneered the concept of non-emergency room urgent care. Today, with more than 140 clinics and 500 physicians caring for more than 2 million patients a year, AFC is the world’s leading provider of urgent care and family care. The company’s stated mission is to provide the best healthcare possible, in a kind and caring environment, while respecting the rights of all patients, in an economical manner, at times and locations convenient to the patient. For more information, visit

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Evers & Co. Reports on Improving Washington, D.C. Real Estate Values

Evers & Co. Reports on Improving Washington, D.C. Real Estate Values

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 20, 2015

The Washington Metro area saw a 14.4 percent increase in dollar volume of sales over last year at this time, the largest increase of its kind in many months. While price increases were flat in other jurisdictions, the District showed a 4.7 percent increase in average price. This is especially encouraging for the District, where D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser delivered her first ‘State of the District’ speech in March, which referenced the District’s economic development stating, “the District is strong and growing stronger. We are the economic engine of the region, accounting for one quarter of the job market, and in the last year, over two thirds of its private sector job growth.”

Each month, Donna Evers, owner and broker of Evers & Co., reviews the residential real estate statistics provided by the Metropolitan Regional Information System (MRIS).

“Our agents are excited to serve the District during this economic growth,” said Donna Evers. “We’ve continued to see that the metro area is a desirable location, especially for working professionals due to mass transit and walkable neighborhoods. Additionally, Mayor Bowser promised in her State of the District speech that the streetcar along H Street and Benning Road will open, which will extend the service to Georgetown. This extension will support the urban lifestyle millennials desire,” she added.

Evers & Co., remains the largest independent, woman-owned and -operated real estate company in the metropolitan area, with 110 passionate and dedicated agents and four offices— two in the District, one in Bethesda/Chevy Chase and one in Virginia. Evers & Co. also has an international membership with Leverage Global Partners.

For more information about local metropolitan Washington, D.C. neighborhoods, please go to or call 202-364-1700 for a knowledgeable real estate agent to help guide you through the selling or buying process. For updates on Washington, D.C. real estate, connect with Evers & Co. on Twitter and Facebook.

*Statistics are compared from the previous year and taken from the Metropolitan Regional Information System for the three areas: Washington, D.C.; Montgomery County, Maryland; and Fairfax County, Arlington and Alexandria in Northern Virginia.

                                     # # #    

About Evers & Co.

Founded in 1985 by Donna Evers, Evers & Co. Real Estate, Inc. maintains its success through a strong referral base and agents who enjoy a premier reputation for their expertise and in-depth knowledge of Washington Metro Area homes and neighborhoods. Evers & Co. is home to more than 100 licensed real estate professionals with decades of combined experience, who enjoy access to a first-of-its-kind Agent Resource Center. The agency is the largest woman-owned and -operated residential real estate firm in the area and a member of Unique Homes Affiliate Network, Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate and FIABCI, the largest international real estate organization in the world. In addition, the agency has an alliance with My Home in Paris, a residential real estate firm in Paris, France. For more information about Evers & Co. Real Estate, visit

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Courier Industry Expert Says Mole Underground Freight Pipe Trial May Lead to Significant Reduction in Congestion

Courier Industry Expert Says Mole Underground Freight Pipe Trial May Lead to Significant Reduction in Congestion

(PRWEB UK) 17 April 2015

Roger Sumner-Rivers, founder of pioneering international couriers ParcelHero, says that the new Mole Solutions system of underground freight delivery tubes being trialed in the UK city of Northampton has the potential to reduce city traffic and reduce emissions significantly. He believes the project could be mark the beginning of the next step forward for UK, US and global freight delivery.

The new freight capsules would be powered by electricity producing magnetic fields to propel capsules along tracks. The technology is similar to the maglev rail system in use at some airports and being developed for mainline operation in China.

Says Roger: ‘This is clearly more than a pipe dream. A nine month trial of the Mole Urban Project (featured in the Daily Mail April 15) has just been started and the supply chain industry is watching the results with interest. It’s been proven that home delivery reduces car journeys to shops and therefore traffic and emissions. An underground city-wide and inter-urban system of parcel and freight delivery to out of town freight hubs and key nodal links would further significantly reduce emissions. A tube system would operate under our homes and roads, moving freight to out of town hubs, slashing traffic in towns and reducing CO2 emissions. ParcelHero has advocated out of town consolidation hubs for some time, and this looks to be an excellent way to improve these gains still further.’

Roger adds: ‘The delivery industry is constantly striving to reduce its carbon footprint ever further. Electric delivery vans, cycle delivery and other innovations are growing in use. ParcelHero recently urged the delivery industry to develop so called ‘urban mining’, delivering packages and then taking away waste items which contain valuable components for recycling, such as old PCs and TVs. The Mole Urban project capsules, collecting these items from freight hubs, are ideally suited to this role. In addition to Mole Primary, which delivers pallet and tote loads ideally suited for retailers using city freight hubs, the idea can also be used for Mole bulk, using trunk pipe networks built alongside existing infrastructure, which can also take away other waste, such as biomass, as well as deliver heavy ores and minerals. This will cut down on HGV loads, again reducing congestion. ’

Roger says: ‘ParcelHero was very sad to see the so called Mail Rail close. The Post Office Railways was a narrow gauge tube railway that ran below London delivering the capital’s parcels. It was operated by Royal Mail and ran between Paddington and Whitechapel up until 2003 when changes to the way Royal Mail operated meant it didn’t fit Royal Mail’s new delivery operations. Imagine the number of Royal Mail vans it would reduce today. Surely it’s an existing infrastructure crying out for the new Mole approach, even if it is to a smaller loading gauge.’

Roger concludes: ‘The Mole system is ambitious, and the initial infrastructure cost considerable, but when weighed against the real environmental costs of congestion, underground pipes are an idea that was bound to surface at some time.’

For more information about how urban freight hubs can be developed see:

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Improve Your House By Doing These Simple Tricks

If you approach your home improvement projects as if they will be stressful, you are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Gaining knowledge will not only make the process faster, but it will also make it easier. The advice you need can be found in the article below.

New floor covering is a great way to update the look and feel of any room in your house. You can check out the do-it-yourself options at a hardware store, or you can contract with professionals to get new laminate, carpet, tile, or wood flooring put down quickly and reliably.

Don’t buy furniture that has busy prints. If you buy busy-looking pieces, you’ll end up decorating your rooms around them. Purchase furniture in solid colors and dress them up with your accessories. Patterns can then be easily updated at a later time, so as never to look dated and old-fashioned.

It is possible to add a great deal of value to your home if you add a second bathroom. Second bathrooms can be extremely advantageous, especially if the new bathroom is on a different floor. It is very likely that multiple household members will need access to the bathroom simultaneously.

It is important to have fun with your home improvement projects. Even though you should use care when doing a project, it’s important to enjoy it as well. If you aren’t enjoying the process, mistakes are more likely. If you do not enjoy doing your home improvement project, hiring a professional might be the best alternative.

It is important to always shut off the water when you are beginning a project in your kitchen or bathroom. Become familiar with the master shut of valve before completing any projects that involve the water supply or your pipes. This can help you avoid a flood.

In conclusion, home improvements are not difficult when you know what you are doing. You will enjoy the process more and make your home improvement project a success by using the tips in the article above.

Source: 21sthomeimprovement

Turner Machine Awards Employees With Tickets to Nashville Sounds Home Opener This Weekend

Turner Machine Awards Employees With Tickets to Nashville Sounds Home Opener This Weekend

SMYRNA,Tenn. (PRWEB) April 16, 2015

Capping off a quarter-long contest among employees, Turner Machine, a Middle Tennessee custom machine builder and machine shop, awarded the winning team with tickets to the Nashville Sounds home opener next weekend, including a rented club suite and buffet.

The contest was based on Turner Machine’s Q1 theme of “Who Are You?,” where all employees learned about DiSC personality profiles, including their own and that of their colleagues. The DiSC personality profile, widely used in business, describes someone’s personality as an unequal combination of four personalities types: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Knowledge of someone’s DiSC profiles can make it easier to communicate and work with that person.

The first month of the quarter was spent learning about the behavior assessment tool, why it’s important and the characteristics of the four behavior traits. Then, the employees were split into four teams with a mix of DiSC profiles in each. They competed against each other in contests, such as “name the employee profile” and “pin-the-tail on the profile,” throughout the remainder of the quarter.

“Spending the quarter learning about DiSC profiles really helped us learn more about ourselves,” said Jeff Turner, CEO of Turner Machine. “We believe the better you know yourself, the better you can communicate with colleagues and customers and that leads to a better work place.”

Last week, the points were tallied with the red team being deemed the winner. Those employees will be allowed to bring a friend or spouse with them to the Nashville Sounds opener on Saturday, April 18th at the new First Tennessee Park located by Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park.

Turner Machine plans to conduct on-going conversations about DiSC profiles throughout the year in an effort to continuously improve communication among employees and customers.

The DiSC Personality Profile is based on the work of renowned psychologist Dr. William Marston. Many companies have used the DiSC profile, which provides insight and understanding in how an individual communicates, as a way to help improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.


Turner Machine Company, Inc. is a full-service machine shop that specializes in building custom machines. The company, founded by Jeff Turner, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in November. Currently, Turner Machine employs around 50 people. It is located 15 miles southeast of Nashville, Tenn., in Smyrna. For more information about Turner Machine Company visit .

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Making Your Home Improvement Project Go Off Without A Hitch

Do you consider yourself a master of home improvement? Can you do various jobs and repairs properly? Read this article to get more ideas on projects you might want to consider.

As you take steps to improve your home, you can do things that not only improve your house but make it reflect your tastes. Include personal touches to any home improvement project.

Eliminate the sound of floor squeaks with construction adhesive. While this requires you to complete the work from a basement or crawlspace, the result is well worth your trouble. Use a caulking gun to apply, and run glue along the side of each floor joist, sealing the sub-floor planks to them.

If you need a new lock, you can just change out the cylinder if you want. If you don’t know, the piece that actually locks the door is the cylinder. If you lose keys or want to change locks, it is possible; just replace the cylinder. If you are seeking to just improve the look of your door or add additional security by upgrading the lock, then the entire unit should be replaced.

It is common for gutters, eaves and chimneys to be neglected when home improvement tasks are planned. These systems are vital to the safety of your home; you have to inspect them regularly and fix problems immediately. If you fail to clean your chimney, it could catch on fire.

Expensive artwork is not necessary to make your home look nice; simple tiles can be used instead. By getting two different colors of tile (e.g. white and blue) and installing them in a color-alternating pattern, you can give your walls a distinctive, personalized touch of creativity.

It takes hard work and research to know all you need to know about home improvement. It is important to remember to always continue learning and sharpening your skills. You will be above the novice level in no time if you heed these tips.

Source: 21sthomeimprovement